The Wisperers

The Whisperers are mean popular kids, secret keepers than can’t keep their mouth shot, the whisperers are dangerous for a democracy and friendship and at the same they are able to pass on important messages that need to be told but cant trough a harmless effect full method; whispering. The action is related to a series of other harmless gestures; erasable graffiti from pencils or makeup, eye contact, loud gum chewing, milk and lemon writing; secrets.

They are not afraid of intimacy and physicality; a whisper is a delicate action, almost invisible but it requires much closeness, it reveals the voice low but fully exposed, it reveals the breath and what you had for lunch, the body heat from mouth to ear, your intention

I think about them in third person, as a gang or a group effect that makes the harmlessness of whispering, lemon writing or loud gum chewing intimidating and insisting. They are a mass, a collective consciousness, an outsider or insider consciousness, their sayings are not meant for everyone to hear, but for everyone to notice. They are irritating, necessary, sneaky good hunters. If they were in a film they wouldn’t be the bullies and they wouldn’t be the good ones either, they would only play along with other whispers and you could catch a sentence and take it as an advice or leave it.

I imagine them as animalistic hybrid beings, a little out of time, wearing the same, walking the same way, coded so you recognize it instantly but its not for you, they could be any gender, I wish I could say any age and in some way I can; they have some kind of vampire like middle spaced mix of young and bold and wise and old, they have their noses in the sky, fresh eyes and a big frightening intellect, standing close to them their thinking sounds like a moving building. When they look at me it is always like a conspiracy and a plot against me.

Names for some of them could be No Né, Lou Son and Inge