Piles of pillows as scripts

I fill my drawings and my writings with all these common things because everyday life takes the air out of me and its full of these things; full of socks and shirts and slender glasses and knifes and Venus nipple cream cakes and pillows as scripts and a bird pitcher and hills of textiles, organized and unfinished work that reads on tables like hung squid and a bed with foam that remembers lovers and paper and plastic pearls and pots full of tea made out of herbs that twirl up in the hot hot water then sink, drip into a lip to reduce anxiety.
- Anna Stahn

Pillows as scripts is a series of large scale Intaglio prints made as illustrative works for the book of the Danish writer Olga Ravns novel “My work” a book which deals with motherhood, labor, postpartum depression, consumerism, laundry, common life, material life, anger, love, being eaten by and loved for one kind of Work and Holding on to a secret nightly work; writing, making art.

The Intaglio print body of illustration work is called “spilling” and “and socks and venus nipple cream cake and piles of pillows as scripts”. I made them with my mind on Dea Trier Mørch’s popular and idealistic graphic praxis and I thought of Kirsten Thorup’s beautiful hand painted book ‘Heaven and Hell’ that bro writers still murmurs was a sell out since more people than the cultural elite wanted to read it. Oh and I thought of homes and baby clothes and femme things and Tove Jansson.