The Pool

I arrive six hours too early: I am offered a dip in the swimming pool and directions to the city center, even given recommendations for restaurants serving honest, rustic meals. I go for the swimming pool: which offers small exclusive selections of Japanese and Austrian ice desserts. All are with fruit and named after International female artist.

The pool is a joyful place of fun and motion: its colors and stretches the body, yet it is also a display.

To underline this feel of display a reconstruction of the worlds largest pearl floats proudly around in the blue pool. The pearl was found somewhere and placed at the Japanese pearl diver museum. It is big and round and shiny and here it is back in the water where it belongs, bursting with pride, aware of its rareness and loaded symbols.

Synthetic and bodily smells floats together in a corny odor. After the pool: The term “bodily dessert” an object of treat for the body. A soap, a snack, a lotion, something un-needed that draws a beautiful line at the end: a small cake, expensive lotion, a massage, the sudden feel of sexy.

Maybe there were even towel swans at the sunbeds, white bird line ups for the hotel guests. Maybe there could even be music, gymnastic lessons or a waiter serving me the cherry ice-cream creature I have ordered as a treat for the belly.