Curating as a romantic gesture was an exhibition/group exibition/fan fiction curated by Anna Stahn. She invited 20 professional crushes to exhibit love declarations to her through presents. Exibited in gallery Q may 2016.

Anna Invites:


Dear Dear

To write the invitation of a doll face, I have to look like one. Its not Nessecarily interesting that i write, now what i write have to say something.

I want the text to look silky brasque: like the letter of the worlds first reality star, Dorethy Wild, writing with a dapper instance ”What has been your mood lately?” I want to invite trough the mood of Aki Sakamotos sweet obsessions: red painted potatoes, knives, orgasmic shoe sculptures and dresses.

Its hard writing with an easy language, the invitation is a miniature, the miniature must be condensed: taste of a soup square on the tounge, romantic easy art requires deep concentration.

I have made you a present, an art-work, a fan-thing.

One year ago i invented the term ’professional in love falling’ it is a term for the one feeling drawn towards another persons articstic praxis, it is a way of changing way or intensifying trough the development of the self romance often causes. Dear Dear the work I have made you is an invitation, it is a way of looking at myself trough you it is a fan-art, fan-object, fan-text to you, an invitation as a professional romantic gesture to potentially respond back.

Nine and a half month ago i saw a photograph of a boy music collective: the mength of hot looking sculptural faces with huge artistic potential was overwhelming and intimidating, I felt invited trough the exclusion from a thousand boys and one girl: invited to curate my own gang of people i felt a longing, familiarness or excitement towards.

Comparably I obsessed over Girl and Lolita Issues, miniatures, soft garnish, miniature, lame-materials and Japaneese girl gangs ’SUKEBAN’ I read a theory book on longing, bi-products and souvenirs. I read Unica Zürn and Chris Krauss, swallowed manifests on milk, moods, and moons. I decided to make romatic gestures for each, for each person and praxis: a work which is a present for each on the list of the ones who feels related.

I fell in love with Isa Genzkens sculptures, Isa Genzken who: similarily, names her sculptures after her friends for her to remember each of them. I love art, music and writings, dance and theory, but feel so lonely producing it and somethimes i get stuck: then i go shopping. Getting a product can be a good strategy for making one. it has been the most blissfull months making things for other people, a fiery professional in love falling making work for the exciting other.

In Gallery Q, The Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Arts the 5th of May: I will make my first solo exhibition. The works i have made are sculptures, books, performance, dances, a song, some food and jewellery all highly sentimental fan-fiction. Its suggesting a group exhibition: each work is a present for each one invited hoping for an answer back: a thing, a text, a work back, an answer to be exhibited parallel to the present: the form of a present, Flippant I suggest this, but its only a suggestion, the present can be just received or declined.

The Answers/The exibition:

Dear Dear; Its a little tricky: its my first art show and its pretty much a huge portrait, its also a book release, then again its a group exibition, its about longing, miniature, correspondance, fan-fiction, professional in love falling: a way of curating a gang or a band you could say

I have invited 20 artist trough presents, romatic easy art, fan-products, highly semtimental: sculpture, clothes, menus, performance and text. These presents will be exibited in Q the weekend from the 6th to 8th may, then the artist, if they wish can have the presents and the work is theres now and they can do whatever they want with it

The invited professional crushes can answer with a work and exibit it with if they want to: they can also not respond and not recieve the present

One of the presents: 'Prism' a book of essays written for the German artist Nele Jäeger will be released duing the exibition

A performance lecture 'The slime and the book' will happen saturday the 7th a present for my professor Jan Bäcklund

Two different organ dances for a dancer and a dancer both artist will happen in the morning doing these days and black tea for the intestinal system will be served afterwards for a morning waking up

possibly more things will happen depending on response

astetical hysteric snacks shaped as eyebrows and strawberry milk drinks with vodka and cocktail cherrys will be served by two pale gorgeous looking caiter waiters on Friday a dripping performance speech by Sufie Elmgreen ‘Speech. Utter Roses (ablaze!)’will happen then a reading ‘Alexander’ by Monia Sander and at the end of Friday a funeral for a sandal from Anton Bigum Kampe, on Saturday a lecture ‘The slime and the book’ sunday: lets have squid salad together, watch an egg dance in response and wrap up the presents

hope to see you

Anna Stahn/Schoolgirl/Espressionista Eyebrow

The Answers/The exibition:

PS: The project will potentially continue in a new exhibition, book or PDF since it opens up new subjects, to talk more with the invited and get their view on it + write more and make more art.

PPS: A Deep Thank you: to all the artist and fanned persons, the ones that diden't respond and the ones that responded, both gestures were important, thanks to the ones who answered and thanks to the one who diden’t, thanks to everybody that came, ate the snacks, read the book, participated, saw the exibition and performances. love, Anna Stahn